So, you have decided to be helpful and want to give my book a review, right? That's amazing - thank you so much. I realise that not everybody is a frequent review writer or tech savvy, so here is how you can add a review in a few, simple stemps. 



Firstly, find my book on Amazon. You can simply go to your local Amazon - the one where you bought the novel - and run a search. You can also find the link to the book in your recent orders or purchases on Amazon, and you should have received an email with the link in it too. I have added below the links to The Truth about Tomorrow on and

Once you're on my book page, scroll down to almost the bottom of the page until you see something like the image on the left. Click on Write a customer review.


You're asked what you thought of my writing in general. Choose what you think fits.


This gives you a further few sections to complete. Click on your choices, give a short summary of your review as a heading, then type a short review below it and hit Submit

That's it! It should only take you about two minutes, and it can make a huge difference to my future as a writer. 

Please note that there are some regional variations from one Amazon store to another. My screenshots are from, but the principles are the same everywhere.

Thank you again!