Music Monday 22nd October 2018

Research trips are great. I don’t do them very often, but earlier this year, I went on a solo trip to London to research my upcoming romance novel. Being me, I of course scheduled in a couple of rock shows. One of those shows was The Word Alive, a band I barely knew except the name but decided to take the opportunity to see, just for the fun of it.

It was one of my better decisions. Not only were the headliners extremely energetic live, but they also added a last-minute support band to the line-up in the form of Lowlives. As far as I know, this was one of Lowlives’ very first shows, but they couldn’t have done more to impress me. I remember standing in the middle of the floor in this tiny venue, nursing a Captain Morgan and Coke, and staring at them for their entire set, barely half an hour long, as if I had just dropped down from another planet. Lee’s voice is magnificent, and I can’t wait to hear what else these guys have in store.