Photo Friday 21st December 2018


I’m really lucky. Every Christmas, I get to hang the most beautiful decorations in my kitchen window.

These lights are the symbol of my hometown Jakobstad (its Swedish name, or Pietarsaari in Finnish) in Finland. You should only see these hanging in the windows of people who either live in Jakobstad, hail from Jakobstad or have a strong connection with the town.

Faith, Hope and Charity as symbols have been around for a long time in my hometown, a seaside town with a vivid nautical history. As well as being Christmas lights, you can see them in different places all over town at any time of the year although they are most prominent at Christmas. There are even large versions hanging over the main street - and those have been there every Christmas since the early 1900s.

The real deal can only be purchased in one place, from Kim Tuote.

If you want to find out more about these symbols, I recommend you click on this link.