Busy day, so I made the most of getting up early and boiled some eggs in preparation for serving lunch later, and I had two of those for breakfast along with an apple.

Boiled eggs for breakfast.

Boiled eggs for breakfast.

I was hosting a course walking workshop for the dog agility club, so after we got through some of the presentation, we stopped for tea and coffee, and I had one more of those banana, peanut butter and oat cookies along with a square of dark chocolate.

Lunch was included in the workshop, so I had prepared a simple salad board to cater for all the different diets out there, including my breadfree week. Simple is best, and everybody was happy.

The workshop finished earlier than I had thought, so I sat down to do some odds and ends on my laptop while enjoying a few strawberries with whipped cream. I love strawberries; they’re one of my favourite things about summer. Irish strawberries are good, but nothing is as good as Finnish strawberries. They say that the nightless nights of the Nordic countries give strawberries the chance to develop an especially sweet taste. I can’t wait to get home next month and eat some of those!

Dinner was cold-smoked salmon, boiled potatoes and a side salad. This was the first day in my experiment when I sat down to have dinner as part of my usual routine which includes a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits as a plain dessert, but biscuits are off the menu this week. I made the most of the left-over rice porridge instead. I mixed in some whipped cream and canned mandarin slices, and voila – we have hedelmäriisi (fruity rice). Waste not, want not!