Photo Friday 11th October 2019

Have you ever been to Cornwall?

I can’t recommend the place enough. It’s simply stunning.

Views from Tintagel, Cornwall.

Views from Tintagel, Cornwall.

At the time that I was starting to write Sympathetic Strings, I visited Cornwall for a long weekend. It was as a result from that trip that Rowan ended up being Cornish. Up until then, he hadn’t been from anywhere. I always knew he wasn’t from London, but after my short holiday, I knew that Cornwall was a fitting place for him to hail from. It also gave me an excuse to fit in a few scenes with sweeping coastlines and stunning cliffs, even if the few scenes set in Cornwall are either indoors or in the winter time.

Go in the spring or autumn. Summers tend to be too busy, but unlike Ireland, Cornwall seems to get good weather even in early spring and late autumn.