Photo Friday 4th October 2019

My mum’s tree - and Toby.

My mum’s tree - and Toby.

Because I live so far from home, I don't get to visit my mother's grave very often. When I am in Finland, I visit every couple of days, but I often miss the anniversaries, birthdays and Mother's Days.

I've planted this tree in my garden. It's a decorational cherry tree, and when it's in full bloom, it's really stunning. It's grown magnificent, which surprises me because I'm no great gardener - as the state of the rest of the garden can prove!

I just love having a spot where I can bring a candle or plant flowers in the summer and take a moment to think about mum. Don't get me wrong; she's always on my mind, but it's nice having a special spot to think about her.

I think she would have liked it.