Music Monday 4th February 2019

Back in 1997, I got my first proper stereo. Until then, I only had a double-deck cassette player with a radio, but the stereo had a CD player.

The first CD I got was a special edition of Bon Jovi’s These Days. It had two CDs in it - the album itself and a bonus CD consisting of live tracks, cover songs and B-sides. I still have it.

The great thing about my stereo was that it had an alarm feature. I could set my alarm on the stereo, and I could wake up to a song instead of the same, annoying, shrieking sound every morning . As I only had the two CDs for a long time, I would regularly wake up to either ‘Hey God’ or the ‘Fields of Fire’ demo. Whenever I hear those songs, I still think of my time in college and especially the mornings getting up for college. Not necessarily good times, but nostalgia is a funny old thing, isn’t it?