Music Monday 15th April 2019

This is one of my favourite songs - EVER.

Those are big words, I know, and a lot of pressure on a band that sadly no longer is - or possibly is. I’m a bit hazy on that as there have been sort of re-unions in recent years. I hope they re-unite properly as The Academy Is… is a band I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing live.

I stumbled upon this band many, many years ago on Yahoo! Music, which kindly played me songs it thought I might like. It was right, because I like this song, and the band’s other songs, very, very much.

I’m not overly fond of this video because I don’t like a song being interrupted for the sake of the story. I may be old-fashioned, but in a music video, the song should be in the forefront at all times, and the story should be told without dialogue. If dialogue is absolutely necessary, subtitles will do.

Anyway, it’s about the song, so enjoy!