Music Monday 13th May 2019

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Sick Joy before, but they’ve been on my mind a lot lately because I’ve just seen them.

More specifically, their songs have been stuck in my head on constant repeat since. I do this thing I call practising before I go to see a band. A few weeks before the show, I put all their songs on my iPod so that I am exposed to their music more than I would be otherwise. It builds up the anticipation - not that I wouldn’t be excited about gigs anyway - and hopefully helps some lyrics stick in my head - usually not.

Sick Joy is a hidden gem, and I get a sort of sick joy (I couldn’t resist it!) from knowing their music when so many don’t. Don’t get me wrong; they deserve a lot more attention than they get at the moment, but for the time being, I can’t help feeling a little smug.