Photo Friday 16th August 2019

Selfie with Lucas.

Selfie with Lucas.

A rare selfie today. I hardly ever take selfies because I’m not a fan. What happened to other people taking photos instead? I’m old-fashioned.

On this occasion, I wanted a photo of my cat, Lucas, but that was easier said than done. He is hard to photograph, being black and all, and have you ever tried asking a cat to stay? Good luck.

Taking photos of pets is difficult, and when they are black, getting the lighting right gets even tougher. What I can’t understand and don’t want to understand is that black animals are more difficult to re-home, one of the reasons being that they don’t photograph well. Who cares? They’re not accessories; they’re beautiful animals with feelings and deserve our love.

People who don’t want to take on an animal because it’s not photogenic don’t photograph well either. Ugliness on the inside always gets out too.