Music Monday 10th December 2018

So, my fourth novel, Sympathetic Strings, came out just a few days ago. It’s a romance novel, so my playlist, some of which you can also see on the book page, is a little less heavy than usually. A little. It’s still rock.

One band that was fundamental to this writing project is We Are Scientists. Their music, lyrics and sense of humour just felt right for this story, and half of my playlist ended up consisting of their songs.

The funny thing is that although I had listened to We Are Scientists for 13 years, I had never seen them until May of this year. They were on my mind because I was listening to them so much while writing, so when I saw that they were playing a show in Dublin on a Saturday, which meant taking no time off work, I was in.

I don’t know why I had waited so long to see them. I’ll never be able to justify that for myself. After that, I have clocked up three more shows. In fairness to We Are Scientists, they play everywhere! I don’t know many bands that have played in Derry or Galway; most don’t venture outside Dublin and Belfast.

A We Are Scientists gig is an experience. They are very smooth on stage, so although they are a fun band, don’t be mistaken; they are very talented musicians. Having said that, they are a fun band, and their on-stage banter is as enjoyable as their songs. They’re the only band that I enjoy just as much between songs as I do when they’re actually playing. You have to see - and hear - it to believe it.