Photo Friday 14th December 2018

Holiday rental in Taivalkoski.

Holiday rental in Taivalkoski.

This is where I was last December to celebrate Finland’s 100th birthday.

It’s something that a small country never takes for granted, its independence. Finland gained its independence after being under Sweden’s rule for hundreds of years and then being taken over by Russia. We’re still that small country that people barely remember or if they do, they know little or nothing about it.

A few facts about Finland:

  • We get snow almost every year. The amount varies from year to year and depends on the part of the country, but it’s almost guaranteed to land at some point.

  • Finns are not necessarily shy. Many of us are introverts, but mostly, we’re just happy in our own company.

  • Finland is home to many inventions and brands that people don’t know to credit to us. It’s because we’re bad at self-promotion. To name a few - Nokia, xylitol chewing gum, SMS text messaging, sauna, Linux, and dish crying cabinets (I might have to share a photo of mine at some point).

  • Finland has several official languages, and the primary language is Finnish. Swedish is another major language in Finland, especially in coastal areas - such as where I come from.

  • Finland is notoriously unsuccessful in the Eurovision Song Contest. We won it once - the year we sent in a hard rock group. You’re welcome, Europe.

  • Finland has four clearly defined seasons - a cold and snowy winter followed by a wet and smelly spring when the snow melts, then a short but beautiful summer of almost endless light and a stunning autumn in all its colours. Then it all starts over again.

Not endorsed by the Finnish tourism board - I just want everyone to understand that Finland is still very dear to me.