Photo Friday 23rd November 2018

This is the second year that my partner and I have tried to make cider.

We have two apple trees in what is very grandly called an orchard in our garden. It’s really just an overgrown corner, but the apple trees do well and give plenty of apples - so many, in fact, that we don’t know what to do with them. We’re both fond of apple pie, and I have made jams out of the fruit, but we still have too many to go round.

Last year, we thought we would try cider. We went on Google and looked up how to make cider. We found an easy step-by-step guide that we followed.

Home-made cider.

Home-made cider.

Our apples are sour, so last year, the result was likewise. This year, we have taken additional steps to make the cider more palatable and less likely to make its drinker scrunch up their face in response to the bitterness. The contents in the bottles are clearing up nicely and are nowhere near as cloudy as last year. We are yet to taste them, and the first tasting is strictly limited to the two of us, just in case we poison a visitor…