Music Monday 26th November 2018

It was the eighth anniversary of my first Young Guns show recently. Please don’t underestimate the value of that.

Young Guns is a band that impressed me from the word go. I stumbled upon them on some music channel on TV one day. Although I had the TV on, I was busy doing something else and wasn’t actually watching it, but I looked up when this song started. It was such a different intro, and to make it even more intriguing, I then saw a beautiful, haunted-looking house on my TV screen. I was sold.

Winter Kiss is probably my all-time favourite song. It’s almost impossible for me to pick one, but if I really, really have to, it is this. It’s a song that not only introduced me to one of my favourite bands but also opened up a whole world of alternative rock to me in a way that I hadn’t previously known.

Young Guns is a band I have followed everywhere, up and down the UK from Inverness to Perranporth, to every single show they’ve played in Ireland since and even to Finland. I’ve seen them 40 times, and that’s the most I’ve seen any band.

They are also some of my favourite people in the world. Having seen them that many times, I’d like to think that the affection is mutual. The band has recently been on a hiatus, since their September 2017 headline tour, which I admit has me a bit worried, but regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen in the future, I only have one thing to say to these guys:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.