Photo Friday 30th November 2018

A word on cats.

This is a screenshot from a video, so it’s not the sharpest picture, but I wanted to share it to show you what I’m doing with my cat Lucas. We’re doing agility.

I always thought it would be pretty impossible to get a cat to do anything. I confess that I’m a dog person and that Lucas is my first cat, so perhaps I can be excused for my ignorance.

Lucas has taken to some aspects of agility quite naturally. He can even jump. I haven’t tried a tunnel or the weave poles with him yet, but I think he enjoys all the obstacles he has tried. I suspect that he has watched me train my dogs and our club members training theirs. Cats are smart.

Possibly he’s just happy that we have found something to do together. I’m happy to oblige. If only I could get him to follow my body language on a course the way my dogs do, we’d be sorted; he’s certainly not slow!

Cat agility.

Cat agility.