I started off the day by finishing that rice porridge, along with a mandarin.

My mid-morning snack was mandarin and pineapple slices with a dollop of cream.

My partner returned from his festival trip while I was away on a hospital appointment (thanks to an ongoing foot pain), and he made a fry-up that I could eat quickly on my return before going back to work. Also known as the full Irish, mine wasn’t all that full as it consisted of bacon, sausages, a hash brown and half a tomato.

Making chicken-pesto pasta with pine nuts.

Making chicken-pesto pasta with pine nuts.

Thanks to a late and filling lunch, I wasn’t hungry in the afternoon, but I had two squares of dark chocolate with my cup of tea.

I made chicken-pesto pasta with pine nuts for dinner. This is one of my favourites as it’s quick and easy to make, requires so few ingredients and is super tasty. A winner!

I had to take some ibuprofen later to help with my foot pain (doctor’s orders), and as that has to be taken with food, I finished those tortilla chips from earlier in the week with some salsa.