I thought I was going to eat lots of cereal for breakfast as a substitute for toast, but this was the first day I had a bowl of it in the morning. It was good, and I had an apple with it.

I had a protein bar as a mid-morning snack. It was oats based and gluten free, so it qualified for this experiment.

I had another stuffed tomato for lunch with a side salad. I had a half a Tupla for dessert. Tupla is one of the Finnish delicacies the world is missing out on – it’s possibly my favourite chocolate bar in the whole world! It’s also excellent for sharing, just like the name hints at – tupla is Finnish for ‘double’.

Mandarin and pineapple slices with cream on a cheery, rainy day.

Mandarin and pineapple slices with cream on a cheery, rainy day.

I had more mandarin and pineapple slices in the afternoon with some whipped cream.

The rest of the vegetable stir-fry with noodles did for dinner. This is something I always aim for with my dinners – make it one day and re-heat it another day. It saves time and buying new ingredients each day. For dessert, I had an ice cream even though it had been lashing down and stormy all day. It was a Cornetto though. (If you’re not familiar with the Cornetto trilogy, you should watch it.)

I was a little hungry before bedtime, so I had another bowl of cereal and a small bag of crisps just to keep me going.