This was the final day of my Anti-Sandwich Experiment, and I started it off in style with sausages and eggs for breakfast.

Making lettuce wraps.

Making lettuce wraps.

My breakfast was so filling that I wasn’t particularly hungry at break time, but I had some natural yoghurt with pineapple slices.

Lunch was a little messy today, for many reasons. Thanks to scheduling conflicts, I had recorded my next episode of Cold Feet on the digi box in our spare bedroom, which meant I had to eat lunch there too. With, say, a sandwich, that would have been alright, but I had lettuce wraps. There was mince and salsa everywhere, and I had to ward off the dogs, who were keen to get a bit of the mince – probably not the lettuce. After I washed my hands of the mess I had created – which was really tasty – I had a cup of tea and the rest of that dark chocolate I have been snacking on all week.

I had another Whitworth’s Shot in the afternoon as those wraps were surprisingly filling.

My partner surprised me with another Chinese takeaway this evening, so I had sweet and sour chicken with boiled rice. I don’t usually eat takeaways twice a week, but hey, if someone brings it home, am I going to say no? We watched Paddington 2 like proper grown-ups, and I topped the meal off with another Dairy Milk bar.