Photo Friday 25th January 2019

I believe that it’s really important to be grateful for the little things.

I consider myself very lucky because I get to divide my time - although unequally - between two beautiful countries.

Because I haven’t worked in a day job in January, I’ve taken the opportunity to spend time in my native Finland. January is a great time to go because flights are cheap and it’s winter - real winter. I miss four proper, distinguishable seasons. In the weeks I’ve spent in Finland, I’ve experienced temperatures of -27 °C, heavy snowfall, beautiful, blue skies and everything else that’s part and parcel of the Finnish winter. I even saw the lunar eclipse or blood moon although my photos of the event aren’t great.

It’s a truly stunning place to visit, and to experience the real Finland, like in most countries, you need to leave the cities behind and go to the countryside or visit the small towns. See the nature. Finland is so clean with amazingly fresh air. I know I’m partial, but whenever I’m here, a weight rolls off my heart; it’s like I can breathe easy.