Photo Friday 28th June 2019

Benny on his 14th birthday.

Benny on his 14th birthday.

I’m a day late posting this, really, but Friday typically falls on a Friday…

Keeping up with the dog theme, this little guy turned 14 yesterday. Such a noble age for a little Jack Russell. Having said that, Jack Russells are notoriously long lived, and the last time Benny visited the vets - for his annual vaccinations - they said he could easily have another four or five years left in him.

Benny is a healthy and happy little chap - a little cranky at times, but he’s a terrier. He still does a little agility, on baby jumps and only short sessions, and he loves it. He’s mostly deaf, which sets some challenges for my handling, but none of that really matters. The main thing is that he’s content and fully enjoying life.

My partner and I started going out around the same time as Benny was born, and we like to joke that Benny’s inevitable demise is going to be the end of us too, that Benny is the glue that holds us together. Joking aside, I wish Benny could be around forever. The only thing I don’t like about dogs is how short their lives are, but on the other hand, if they lived longer, would it not be even harder to let go?