Photo Friday 26th July 2019

I love summer evenings.

I’m not a summer person. I am a poor swimmer, my pale skin burns in the sun, I complain about any temperature that is above +20°C, I suffer from hayfever, and there are creepy crawlies and flying nuisances everywhere. No thank you.

Then there are summer evenings. The temperature is more tolerable, and there is less chance of burning when the sun isn’t blaring down - not that there ever is much sun in Ireland. Yes, there are still midges and flies and mosquitoes, but it’s the air I like the best. It’s fresh and cool. Evenings are quiet, the sun has set or is setting, and the sky is ablaze with all the different colours. No two sunsets are ever quite the same.

It’s on summer evenings that I love to go out into the garden and do nothing. I can just stand there and let my senses take in what the season has to offer. It’s so relaxing.

That’s how I like to enjoy my summers.

Summer flowers.

Summer flowers.