Music Monday 29th July 2019

A bit of Finnish music today since I am in Finland at the moment.

Apulanta has been around for yonks, and yet, they are a band I only got into after I left Finland. It was this song in particular that caught my attention. I have since discovered that Apulanta has lots of good songs, and whenever I visit Finland, I buy some of their numerous albums from the sales. It’s great.

Ravistettava ennen käyttöä means ‘shake before use.’ The lyrics in this are excellent, so look them up and translate them. A word of warning though - Finnish lyrics are often very Finnish and don’t open up to other nationalities even when translated. It’s just our mentality. I’m sure it’s not just a Finnish thing and that it applies to lyrics in many other languages too.

If you are interested in the band, also check out the movie Teit meistä kauniin, which tells the story of the band’s early days. It’s an excellent film, whether you are interested in the music or not.