Photo Friday 5th July 2019

Newcastle is one of my favourite cities.

Newcastle upon Tyne has a great music scene, at least if you ask me. I’m a regular visitor thanks to the city’s many music venues, and I am also a fan of a couple of Geordie bands.

The view from Newcastle castle.

The view from Newcastle castle.

This photo was taken from the top of the castle itself, which I finally got to visit after several trips to the city. As I have mentioned before, touring doesn’t always leave time for a lot of sightseeing, but if I have a chance, castles are always my first stop. On this occasion, I toured the castle with some close friends, so I have fond memories of the day even though it was freezing cold! This was about a week before Christmas 2017.

My last visit to Newcastle was only a whistle stop when my original gig plans got cancelled at short notice. I flew into Newcastle as originally planned, stopped for a sandwich and a chai latte near the train station and carried on to Derby. I think a proper break in Newcastle is overdue. I’ve become very fond of Geordies. Is there a term for that?